Saturday, November 6, 2010

Home Business - Some Precautions You Ought to Take

by Jimmy Labrador

Setting up a home business is stereotyped as the easy way out of an 8-hour job so many in the employed sector want to escape from. And yet, setting up a home business can be fraught with risks and challenges. If you are thinking of going on your own, you should take an inventory of these first before taking the plunge.
For one, you need to become a generalist. In your office job, you are perhaps a specialist. Your focus is on a specific area of your company's business, e.g., purchasing, logistics, finance, human resources, sales, marketing, and so on. You can afford to have blind spots because other employees are attending to those areas. Not in your home business, however. You will be involved in everything although perhaps on a lesser scale. The question is - are you thoroughly prepared in terms of the required knowledge and skills in managing a business? Your honest answer to this question gives you a clue on how truly prepared you are to set up your home business.
You will be using your own capital, of course, to grow the business. In your office job, you don't have to worry about capital. Your capital is basically your meal and transportation expenses in going to and back from work. For as long as you manage to spend below what your salary is, you have savings (a substitute word for profit) at the end of the month.
What if you fail? Do you have a back up plan? If your back up plan consists of going back to employment once more, how long might it take you to get another job? Once you find one, you would have lost any seniority. You will have to start anew with less security of tenure. And remember, applying for a new job while you are out in the cold will not give you any advantage in negotiating for better pay and other terms and conditions of employment. In a weak bargaining position of need, you might be forced to accept the first job that is available no matter how it falls short of your expectations. It may take sometime before you can go back to the level where you were before you took the adventure of entrepreneurship.
Observe sufficient caution before venturing into a home based business especially if going into it requires that you give up your current job. Unless you are very sure where you stand with respect to the precautions I have stated above, the best strategy for you might be to start a home business that you can do initially on a part-time basis side by side with your employment. Once you are already confident of its performance, then that will be the time when you can quit your job and go full-time into it.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Link Building, SEO, & More Traffic Visiting 2 Your Website

by Raman Kuppuswamy

If you own a website and want to increase traffic to it, you should have a good ranking on the search engines like Google and Yahoo. For achieving this, you must do Search Engine Optimization. For having an effective Search Engine Optimization, you need to make link building efforts to make money online.
One of the excellent link building ways is to create back links. You can seek the help of a professional for linking more number of inbound links to your website. Nowadays, search engines like Google are discouraging exchange of links. Instead, one way links are preferred.
Linking to non-commercial websites is another great idea. Especially, giving links to websites that come with domains like .org and .edu can be a good strategy because this may increase traffic to your website. Another good strategy is to write articles on article directories like EzineArticles and giving links to your website. But, you must remember that article directories like e zine insist on high-quality articles only. They have laid out strict guidelines that should be followed scrupulously so that your articles are accepted. You can give links to your website in the Resource Box of these directories. If your content is relevant to the niche of your website, more traffic will be driven to it and you can derive maximum mileage out of it.
You can also try to get links from popular websites. Though you may think it is difficult to get such links, if you impress them with your networking skills, you can definitely get these links. Links with popular sites like Yahoo will do a world of good in increasing the traffic to your website.
Link baits are useful if you want to succeed in your link building efforts. Link baits are good articles and these are shared by many. But, to have maximum benefits from link baits, you should write highly informative and interesting articles. They should be so good that people should vie with each other for sharing them.
You should also keep abreast of several innovations that are taking place in the field of Search Engine Optimization. Though adopting all the innovations for your website is not possible, you can choose the relevant innovations and adopt them suitably to increase the traffic to your website.
Google has recently included the speed of the websites as a parameter to judge rankings on it. People search these search engines to get quick results and if your website is slow in loading, they may move on to the next website. So, you must ensure to increase the speed of loading of your website to improve your ranking on search engines.

Discover Your PERFECT Home Based Business

by Paul Kaliher

What makes an opportunity PERFECT? In the first article we learned that the "P" in PERFECT stands for "Profitable."
Key Number Two
The first "E" in PERFECT stands for "Easy." No, "easy" doesn't mean you won't have to work at all. There is no free lunch. Don't believe it if someone says they have done all the work for you and all you have to do is buy their system, sit back, and watch the money roll in. It does take work to start and build any successful business. But, the PERFECT home based business should be relatively easy and can even be a lot of fun.
"Easy" Means:
•Something that you are passionate about or love doing.
If you really love doing something, and that is the core of your home business, you will be a lot happier and the work required will seem easier to you. You will also be much more likely to stick with your business when you run into obstacles that will certainly come along.
If you not only love something, but also know a lot about it, you will have a much better chance of success in a market related to your passion. You will "speak the language" of your customers. That will help you develop better relationships with them resulting in more sales now and in the future. Starting and building your home business around something you love will make it easier for you and it will be fun too.
•A business process that can be automated or systematized.
If everything you do in your business has to be done over and over again by you and you alone, you will not succeed for long, or your business will stay small. A PERFECT home based business will enable you to automate many of the business tasks after you do the initial work to set up the necessary processes.
•Your product is easy to pack and ship at low cost, or fulfillment of the order is done digitally.
The easiest home business lets you "ship" your product to the customer digitally in the form of a digital file over the internet or by e-mail. This also results in the highest profit because the cost to create and deliver a digital product is peanuts.
•Requires less than 20 hours per week after the initial set up period. You may work 20 to 60 hours each week to start and set up your business for the first month or three. But, a PERFECT home based business will only require 20 hours or less of your time each week after the initial set up period.
•Totally doable by anyone. If you have to be a genius or marketing wizard to succeed, it isn't a PERFECT home based business. Thousands of "regular Joe's" are making big money in a PERFECT home business and you can too. Find a business that you are comfortable doing, or find a mentor who will teach you everything you need to know about starting and succeeding in the home based business you choose.
So, a PERFECT Home Based Business must be EASY. And, it must be PROFITABLE too. More to come in the rest of this article series.

Hot Ways To Increase Web Site Traffic on a Very Low Budget

by  Michael Chibuzor
Are you tired of driving traffic manually and getting no where? This article will show you the 7 effective ways you can use to drive targeted free traffic to your website easily. Generating traffic is the lifeblood of every online business. With a large amount of it, you can make money online easily. Until you give yourself wholly to learn how the experts do it, getting the kind of traffic you need can be tedious and a waste of time. If you want to lift off the limits on how much visitors you get online as well as your earnings, below are my traffic recommendations.
(1). Search Engines Organic Traffic
If you have been online for quite a while now, you will discover that people use the search engines to make searches on a daily basis. The greater number of people who surf the internet, rely on Google most especially to get the information they need. You need to situate your site in such a way that when a search for your niche keyword is searched for, your site will appear. For massive traffic, aim to appear on the top 10 of Google and you will get 80% of the click-through.
(2). Blogging For Traffic
This is the exact method experts use to drive avalanche of web traffic to their websites thereby increasing their sales and op tins. You have to copy them. Setup a blog because they are natural search engine magnets. A new blog that is highly targeted to a long tailed keyword can show on the top 10 of Google within 30 days. When you want a long term traffic and success from the internet, blogging for traffic can help you. When the traffic comes, the sales must definitely come too!
(3). Commenting and Rating
This looks old but a very powerful way of getting targeted traffic. One thing you have to know is that blog readers are highly focused, they are already a great market to showcase your products and services. To start commenting and rating posts, you need to first subscribe to popular blogs on your niche. You can find a host of this by conducting a search on Google and adding your niche at the end. e.g blogs + your niche. You will see a couple of high trafficked ones where you can subscribe to its RSS and get notified. It's most ideal to always be the first to comment. When you write a comment about a post, yours will appear at the top giving you massive advertising. Remember, don't spam by typing phrases like "great post." Contribute your quota, share you idea, ask intelligent questions and don't forget to add your link.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Low Investment High Payoff With Online Money

With the whole world of business moving online, there are so many opportunities for the average person to jump on board. The appealing aspect to starting a home based business is the low start up cost.
When you look at many traditional business, the costs can be outrageous! Especially when you start a business from scratch. The beauty behind the home based business idea is that it's easy to get up and running quickly to see results fast.
The low barrier to entry for starting a home business is very appealing to most that are looking to make a full or part time income. However, there should be caution taken here. Low start up cost does not mean that it's free or even a couple hundred dollars. Sure, there are many people out there that will offer you such a deal but ask yourself this, if you are not putting any money in, how are you going to get your money out?
For those that are serious about starting a home business, the cost will probably be around $500 to get into a well established, and highly productive online marketing company. These companies typically train you on the best marketing practices to promote your business and if they are a really good company, will provide you with many tools to reach your financial goals.
Starting a home based business for many people is difficult at first. The new technology can seem overwhelming but know that it is something that anyone can learn. I have seen many people with minimal computer skills make lots of money online. Just be prepared to learn new skills and new practices. Even I am learning new skills and I have been in this business for a while.
When looking for a low start up cost business, keep in mind that they need to provide a few things in order for you to be successful:
  1. Training - Very important! They need to be able to train you on the latest marketing trends and strategies so that you are not left behind wondering what went wrong.
  2. Support - For many, the technology of the internet can be quite overwhelming. I have always been a technical person but switching over to the internet was a new game for me too.
  3. Tools - This can range from website templates for you to start with all the way to ad rotators and campaign managers. Just like any tradesman will tell you, the tools are what makes the job easier.
  4. Mentor - It's true that anyone can go out on their own and make money online but wouldn't you rather do this without stumbling and falling on your face? The mentor helps guide you on your way to financial freedom. They have been there and already made the mistakes so you don't have to.
  5. Cutting Edge - With all the home based business opportunities out there. What sets your company apart? This is important in the world of online marketing. With your customers having so many choices these day, what sets you apart from the rest?
When making you decision about which company is best fit for you to start with, make sure that they have your best interests in mind. Make sure that they want to see you succeed in starting your home business. A low start up cost business should be able to provide, at a minimum, the above 5 traits. If they don't, then move on. You want to spend you money with a company that can help you reach your financial goals and that kind of help is never free.