Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hot Ways To Increase Web Site Traffic on a Very Low Budget

by  Michael Chibuzor
Are you tired of driving traffic manually and getting no where? This article will show you the 7 effective ways you can use to drive targeted free traffic to your website easily. Generating traffic is the lifeblood of every online business. With a large amount of it, you can make money online easily. Until you give yourself wholly to learn how the experts do it, getting the kind of traffic you need can be tedious and a waste of time. If you want to lift off the limits on how much visitors you get online as well as your earnings, below are my traffic recommendations.
(1). Search Engines Organic Traffic
If you have been online for quite a while now, you will discover that people use the search engines to make searches on a daily basis. The greater number of people who surf the internet, rely on Google most especially to get the information they need. You need to situate your site in such a way that when a search for your niche keyword is searched for, your site will appear. For massive traffic, aim to appear on the top 10 of Google and you will get 80% of the click-through.
(2). Blogging For Traffic
This is the exact method experts use to drive avalanche of web traffic to their websites thereby increasing their sales and op tins. You have to copy them. Setup a blog because they are natural search engine magnets. A new blog that is highly targeted to a long tailed keyword can show on the top 10 of Google within 30 days. When you want a long term traffic and success from the internet, blogging for traffic can help you. When the traffic comes, the sales must definitely come too!
(3). Commenting and Rating
This looks old but a very powerful way of getting targeted traffic. One thing you have to know is that blog readers are highly focused, they are already a great market to showcase your products and services. To start commenting and rating posts, you need to first subscribe to popular blogs on your niche. You can find a host of this by conducting a search on Google and adding your niche at the end. e.g blogs + your niche. You will see a couple of high trafficked ones where you can subscribe to its RSS and get notified. It's most ideal to always be the first to comment. When you write a comment about a post, yours will appear at the top giving you massive advertising. Remember, don't spam by typing phrases like "great post." Contribute your quota, share you idea, ask intelligent questions and don't forget to add your link.

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