Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Link Building, SEO, & More Traffic Visiting 2 Your Website

by Raman Kuppuswamy

If you own a website and want to increase traffic to it, you should have a good ranking on the search engines like Google and Yahoo. For achieving this, you must do Search Engine Optimization. For having an effective Search Engine Optimization, you need to make link building efforts to make money online.
One of the excellent link building ways is to create back links. You can seek the help of a professional for linking more number of inbound links to your website. Nowadays, search engines like Google are discouraging exchange of links. Instead, one way links are preferred.
Linking to non-commercial websites is another great idea. Especially, giving links to websites that come with domains like .org and .edu can be a good strategy because this may increase traffic to your website. Another good strategy is to write articles on article directories like EzineArticles and giving links to your website. But, you must remember that article directories like e zine insist on high-quality articles only. They have laid out strict guidelines that should be followed scrupulously so that your articles are accepted. You can give links to your website in the Resource Box of these directories. If your content is relevant to the niche of your website, more traffic will be driven to it and you can derive maximum mileage out of it.
You can also try to get links from popular websites. Though you may think it is difficult to get such links, if you impress them with your networking skills, you can definitely get these links. Links with popular sites like Yahoo will do a world of good in increasing the traffic to your website.
Link baits are useful if you want to succeed in your link building efforts. Link baits are good articles and these are shared by many. But, to have maximum benefits from link baits, you should write highly informative and interesting articles. They should be so good that people should vie with each other for sharing them.
You should also keep abreast of several innovations that are taking place in the field of Search Engine Optimization. Though adopting all the innovations for your website is not possible, you can choose the relevant innovations and adopt them suitably to increase the traffic to your website.
Google has recently included the speed of the websites as a parameter to judge rankings on it. People search these search engines to get quick results and if your website is slow in loading, they may move on to the next website. So, you must ensure to increase the speed of loading of your website to improve your ranking on search engines.


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